CBL Representative Responsibilities



  1. Attend Monthly CBL meetings (September April). Usually 1st Sunday of the Month. ** Currently held at Fork Community Center 7:00pm **
  2. Make sure that League Information is relayed to your Organization (Coaches, parents, etc.)
  3. Supply League Scheduler with required Team, Gym and Organization Information as needed.



  1. Participate in League committees and Function as needed.
  2. Enter Home Gym Game Scores on the League Website Weekly.  (By Midnight Monday)
  3. All Representatives must make their best effort to play all Games as scheduled. (The only cancellations allowed are for Weather, Lost Gym or situations which are out of you control) All other cancellations MUST be cleared by the League Commissioner and are at his discretion.
  4. Uphold the League Rules to the best of your ability. It is your responsibility to report to the League any rules violations that you become aware of (Overage Players, Players playing in other leagues, etc.)


        All technical fouls, ejections of coaches, players or fans and any unsportsmanlike conduct must be reported to the League Commissioner for investigation as soon as possible regardless of organizational or personal feelings

        All League representatives are expected to exhibit proper behavior and representation of the League and their organizations at all meetings, games and playoff sites.